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Get wide range of folding doors at Bin Dasmal Doors & Storage Solutions

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Doors are installed in homes as they give security and assurance from harsh weather
conditions. If you are looking for something that does not only give you optimum security but also add an appealing appearance to your home, then consider folding doors. The demand of folding doors has been increasing day by day. For fulfilling the increasing demand of customers, Bin Dasmal Doors & Storage Solutions offers a wide range of superior quality folding doors in the UAE at competitive prices.
The internal segment of the door has a handle or a pull that makes it possible for the person to fold the panels close by each other. Once folded, the doors can be pushed as far as possible towards the wall, in this way making an opening, which enables the person to access the area available behind it. Generally, these doors can be opened both internally and ostensibly. These doors can be installed in both traditional looking houses and modern houses.

Here are some benefits of folding doors including;

They enable optimum natural light to go into the room; accordingly making the room         look breezy and vivacious.
Compared to different kinds of glass doors, the folding doors offer remarkable safety         and security as they comprise of unique locking system.
 They make the insides look more spacious.
 Without making much expense, they help to create elegance as well as lavishness in           the present house.
 These doors are suitable for large complexes as you can get a complete view in a look.
 The folding doors take up less space when opened.
 Less maintenance is required.

Bin Dasmal Doors & Storage Solutions offers a huge range of folding doors in Dubai, which comes with are made of high-quality material with customization in looks.

Doors Suppliers, Doors Suppliers in UAE

Know more about industrial doors and their types

Industrial doors are an important part of any business flow. These doors are used in factories and warehouses to provide high security, privacy and also protect from external extremities like storms, rain, and snow. These space saving door systems can be adapted to different industrial facilities using various track applications.

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Types of Industrial doors:

  • Industrial rolling shutter: Industrial rolling shutters are metal door barriers at the entrance and exit of an industrial structure that coil vertically for access. They are mostly insulated and single skin and offer fire protection to the goods and equipment inside. These doors are perfect for warehousing and manufacturing concerns. The shutters can be motorized or manually operated.
  • Sectional doors: These doors are made from insulated panels and are vertical sliding doors. Their panels are made of CFC free polyurethane foam stacked in between two metal skins and are manually or electrically operated. Sectional doors are used in warehouses, cold storage rooms, and loading bays.
  • Folding doors: These doors are made of insulated panels or glazed panels. They can be easily installed, space saving and versatile in design. Folding doors are used in warehouses, cold storage rooms, and loading bays as well as suitable for interior and exterior installation. These doors are pre-installed with all safety devices which make the doors more reliable in all aspects.
  • Vehicle doors: A vehicle door can be opened to provide access to the opening or closing to secure it. These doors can be opened manually or powered electronicallyMost vehicle doors are secured closed to the vehicle body with latches which may be locked to prevent unauthorized access from the exterior.
  • Aircraft hangar doors: Bin Dasmal Doors are widely known for aircraft hangar doors. The company designs manufacture and construct Aircraft Hangar Doors. These doors can be manual or electric in a number of configurations.

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Bin Dasmal doors are renowned for their best quality industrial doors in UAE and has grown and expanded itself to be one of the prime companies in the supply, installation, maintenance, repairing and service for a variety of doors including automated, rolling shutters, folding doors, and many other doors in commercial and industrial sectors – both light and heavy duty.

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Automatic Doors- Benefits of using them!

Automatic doors are used in industries, commercial buildings to enable easy access to the building. They are regarded as a great convenience in everyday life. These automatic doors ensure ease of passing through doors in shopping malls, medical centres and in many other industries. It operates by using a range of sensors which can detect various things like sound, light, weight and motion. These doors are also beneficial in emergency situation when it comes to evacuating a station or any workplace in case of any mishap.


Advantages of Automatic doors:

  • Convenience: Automatic doors provide convenience as one does not get any extra effort to perform their operation while entering through automatic doors. Moreover, as their operation doesn’t require the use of hands. They also provide unparalleled access for the elderly, handicapped and those with children in tow. It grants you the option to open or close the door automatically.|
  • Safety and security: Automatic doors are considered as one of the safest and secured environment for everyone. These doors do not require any additional locks or security systems in place to keep out or deter burglars and thieves from entering your premises. They work according to the highest standards for quality and safety as well as ensuring minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Style options: The automatic doors come in different styles, colours, shapes and designs. These doors usually come in three different configurations that are swinging, sliding and folding doors. They are also available in tough, sturdy and durable material that enhances your building’s style.
  • Noise free function: The installation of automatic doors do not produce any noise while opening and closing of the doors and gives a sigh of relief from the creaking and squeaking noise.
  • Consume less space: As compared to other conventional doors these automatic doors consume less space and provide aesthetic look to your building.

Bin Dasmal Doors is known for its reliable and safe automatic doors in Dubai and has emerged as one of the prominent leaders in the supply, installation and service for a range of automatic doors in UAE.

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Why Glass Folding Doors are considered as a Good Investment?

Nowadays, the demand of folding doors has been increasing day by day, but with the plenty of door options available in the market, people are in a dilemma how they select new and perfect doors for their space. For resolving this concern, Bin Dasmal Doors brings a qualitative and amazing range of glass folding doors in Dubai at competitive prices. We offer the best quality vertical folding doors which are made by using the fine grade insulated and glazed panels and suitable for your interior and exterior installation.


Here is a list of some essential importance of glass folding doors which includes:

Make a perfect blend in your outdoor and indoor space: One of the biggest benefits of our folding doors is that you can easily remove the barrier between your garden and your indoor space. Whenever shut, the colossal breadth of glass gives you a magnificent perspective of the outside, and when open, a gigantic gap is made to splendidly mix outside and in.

Facilitate more natural light into your space: By installing these folding doors into your space, you can easily allow more natural light into your space. These doors can do wonders for your small and dim spaces by adding the natural brightness.

Give chance to enjoy more flexible opening options: With your folding doors, you can opt to open up the whole space as well as only a part of it. You have an option to open one leaf of the door only whenever you need easy and quick access. As compared to other traditional doors, folding doors provide more flexibility.

Give an option to choose for them to open inside or outside: With our folding doors, you have an option of choosing it either from outside or from inside. For example: If you have a small shaped room, then you can opt for the outside opening door option.

Give a stylish look to your space: Apart from security and easy access, our ultimate range of folding doors also adds elegance to your building.


Bin Dasmal Doors is the most prominent company which is known for its superior quality variety of doors which includes revolving glass doors, glass folding doors, and many more. The Company provides high quality doors manufactured with standard materials and authorized distributor of wide range of doors in the region.

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All about Cantilever Pallet Racking!

Cantilever pallet racking systems are easier to use because they have no front column in the way. That means they are faster to load and unload. They are specifically designed for the safe and organized storage of long and heavy loads. These systems are very efficient and effective for conventional lighter weight storage solutions.

Benefits of Cantilever Pallet Racking:

  • These racking systems are perfect for storing heavy and long loads such as timber boards, aluminum and plastic extrusions, steel tubes and bars.
  • A cantilever racking system can be installed as either a freestanding structure or bolted to a suitable wall.
  • Cantilever pallet racking is also available for ultra-heavy-duty products and customized setups can be developed for holding oddly-sized or for large shaped goods.
  • They are also available in many different sizes and load capacities and allow users to maximize available floor space.
  • Cantilever racks facilitate easy movement of goods with less effort and they are easy to use and handle
  • Cantilever racking system is optimum and has direct access to goods.
  • These systems are suitable for light loads as well as very heavy loads.
  • They are used most often by builder’s merchants and wholesalers, as these systems are incredibly versatile.


Guidelines on purchasing Cantilever Pallet Racking!

Choosing the most effective and reliable cantilever pallet racking solution for your warehouse requires appropriate investment and planning because it is such a vital factor for your warehouse, as buying correctly and from a renowned and reliable company is important.

  • While purchasing cantilever racking it is important to consider the height of your building and the range of your forklift.
  • If the cantilever pallet racking system is used for storing goods then it should have a high turnover rate
  • They should have additional common guards and highly durable, both of which reduce damage in the event of a storage-related accident occurring.
  • Pallet racking is ideal for a wide range of items that need to be stored and subsequently dispatched with ease.

Bin Dasmal Doors is known for their best quality cantilever racking systems which are widely used for storage solutions. The company also takes care of the security and efficiency in their work at the highest level and delivers the highest satisfaction level to their clients.

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